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McCormick Construction

  • WordPress
  • Theme Customization
  • Custom Post Types
McCormick Construction logo

McCormick Construction is one of the largest and pre-eminent builders in California. This web site is a WordPress site built in conjunction with FLUX Branding. It features extensive customizations to an existing WordPress theme, matching design comps with available WordPress compontents, and creating new elements when needed.

Theme Customization

Customized an existing WordPress theme (Enfold) using the template hierarchy and a child theme. Worked with and extened the theme using the WordPress API to add additional features missing from the original. While many features were provided out of the box, many further changes were needed to bring the site up to spec.

Custom Post Types

Created a Team custom post type for displaying and describing McCormick staff. Includes photos and rich text areas.

Additional user interface elements recieved their own custom post types, making elements easy to create for non-technical users, and easy to re-use on different pages.

Interface Elements

Heavy customization was done to all pages, especially the Projects section. JavaScript, CSS and HTML were extended in the child theme to achieve the desired look & feel.

  • Technologies
  • WordPress
  • Responsive Design
  • Theme Customization
  • Custom Post Types

Screen Shot

Screen shot of the McCormick Construction web site by X7 Development LLC.