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Bill Logan Art

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Bill Logan Art logo

Bill Logan is an artist who creates evocative and energetic portriats of wildlife and nature. His web site showcases his exhaustive artistic output framed with a minimalist, flat web design. This enhances the presentation of the art, putting the content front and center. Yet still provides pixel-perfect presentation and conveys important design context, hints and information.

Wordpress Theme

A custom Wordpress theme was implemented for the Bill Logan site. Custom page templates and content types were created to display portfolio artwork, blog entries, about us pages & more. All site content is editable by the artist. Art categories are managed via a Wordpress taxonomy.

Image Detail

Images can have "hotspots" defined in Wordpress admin, using drawing tools to specify hotspot dimensions. Each hotspot represents an image enlargement. Click on this image for an example.

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Screen Shot

Screen shot of the Bill Logan Art web site by X7 Development LLC.