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Aprobacion Online Car Portal WordPress site by X7 Development LLC

Aprobacion Online

  • Custom Site Design
  • WordPress
  • AngularJS
  • Dealer Portal
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Aprobacion Online is a multi-lingual, internationalized site for Puerto Rico car dealerships to market their vehicles. Dealer portal for managing vehicle inventories is coded in AngularJS and uses WordPress as a back-end data store. Advanced search functionality and other rich interactions for customers. Banner advertising, featured vehicles, dealer analytics are managed on-site to monetize traffic.

Custom Site Design

Previous site was a single-page PHP form. Created a completely new site design for a completely new site. Bold colors, a bright vibrant design with large vehicle photos and stock imagery, and prominent promotional ads. Created a set of three initial comps, narrowed down to a single comp based on client feedback, then refined into final design including mobile and tablet versions.

Aprobacion Online Wordpress Theme

Coded the designed comp into a responsive WordPress theme using modern CSS3 and HTML5 technologies. Mobile-friendly features such as a drawer menu, delayed loading of image assets, etc. Integrated with CDN for faster delivery of images uploaded to site.

Vehicle Search

The vehicle search is an advanced interaction with numerous sorts and filters:

  • Filter by almost any vehicle meta data, including MSRP, monthly payment, make, model, dealer, and by zip code (to find nearby vehicles).
  • Featured vehicles and advertisements rotated for billable ad-views.
  • AJAX-loading of search results, pagination, ads.

Other Interactions

Numerous other interactions coded throughout the site to engage customers:

  • Favorite/save a vehicle for later reference.
  • Quick search on home page to search by desired payment.
  • Make, model, year quick search drill-down.
  • Featured vehicles carousel slider.
  • Payment calculator based on dealer-specified MSRP, rate, minimum credit score.
  • Monitor a single vehicle or a vehicle search result page for price drops - view differences on dedicated page.
  • Multi-step credit application form. Previous entries are securely remembered so info doesn't have to be re-entered.

Dealer Portal

The dealer portal offers several powerful features for dealerships to manage their vehicles and generate leads. Implemented in AngularJS with a tight integration with WordPress via AJAX. Provides powerful features without granting access to the WordPress dashboard.

  • Leads - dealers can view contact requests and view credit apps.
  • Analytics - browse and filter data events such as vehicles viewed, contact requests sent, credit apps received, etc. Filter by date range. View at a glance with pie charts and bar charts.
  • Vehicle Management - add, remove, edit vehicles. Publish vehicles to the public when ready. Set all data on a vehicle, including photos.
  • VINs - pre-populate vehicle data by entering a valid vehicle VIN. VINs are restricted across site, so only one dealer can market the vehicle at a time.

Vehicle Data Feed

A feature for dealers that don't want to manually manage their vehicles on-site. The site can automatically pull data from numerous third-party feeds which include all vehicle info (including photos). Feed-imported vehicles are the same as manual vehicles, so all associated functionality is available. Dealers can take over any imported vehicle and being managing it manually.

Internationalization (I18N)

The site is available in spanish and english language versions. Easy to switch between versions by clicking on the "English" and "Español" flag icons. Uses WordPress theme functions to ensure all custom plugin and theme strings are translatable. Adds inputs for spanish and english versions for custom inputs in WordPress admin dashboard. Uses LocoTranslate to manage all translations. Even translates strings in other plugins and feed data sources that aren't internationalized.

  • Technologies
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Custom Post Types
  • AngularJS
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • CSS3
  • Integrations
  • Vehicle data feed

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Screen shot of the Aprobacion Online WordPress site by X7 Development LLC.